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Chargeur MX C3 parc outils


General purpose bucket

For the optimal loading of all type of materials (earth, gravel, sand, etc.)

> Width: 0.92  m to 1.60 m

Multipurpose bucket

Versatile implement bringing together the qualities of a general purpose bucket and a manure fork.

> Width: 1.20  m to 1.50 m


4 in 1 bucket

For loading, landscaping, snow clearance, digging - all with just one implement!

> Width: 1.20 m to 1.40 m

Manure fork

Essential for cleaning buildings (available with or without grab).

> Width: 1.10 m to 1.15 m


Pallet fork and carrier

For handling all types of pallets up to 800 kg.

> Width: 1.18 m

Bale spike - MANUBAL LC 30

Handling round or rectangular bales.