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A single piece of equipment from the silo to the trough!

MX feeding buckets set themselves apart from the crowd through their professionalism, the quality of their materials, the level of standard equipment provided (watertight hydraulic door, stepped section screw, etc.) and the variety of options available (fixed tines, hydraulic silage pickup grab, rotor, agitators, root cutter, etc).

Offered with single or double door, depending on your building configuration (except BD 1202, single door only).



Technical specifications  

Model Overall width Usable capacity Weight Loader Front linkage Telesco
BD 1202 2.15 m 1200 L 510 Kg X X X
BD 1402 2.48 m 1400 L 565 Kg X X X
BD 2002 2.48 m 2000 L 680 Kg X X X
BD 2402 2.48 m 2400 L 705 Kg   X X
BD 3102 2.48 m 3100 L 800 Kg     X

All available equipment and options



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