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A strength to withstand the sternest test!

The cylindrical rearside of the earth bucket enables the implement to be fully loaded by rolling the loaded material. The absence of interior support ("moon" type)  guarantee an easy loading/unloading of all types of materials, bulk or single units.

The standard earth bucket is available with the following options : Bolted forged teeth or a bolted counter-blade (400HB hardness)


Technical specifications  

Model Width Weight Usable capacity Height
BT 130 1320 mm 183 kg 450 L 660 mm
BT 150 1520 mm 200 kg 515 L 660 mm
BT 180 1820 mm 230 kg 625 L 660 mm
BT 200 2020 mm 245 kg 695 L 660 mm
BT 225 2270 mm 265 kg 780 L 660 mm