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Chargeur MX T17 ACS
Vue Benne multiservice MX face


This is by definition a truly versatile implement. This new generation Multipurpose Bucket boasts a higher capacity and has been entirely redesigned to offer greater stability and a cylindrical rearside without the need for interior supports, making it easy to clean and avoiding material from sticking. The heavy section square tube in the upper section strengthens the bucket. The grab has also been redesigned with a new cleverly positioned and protected tine and ram attachment.



> MORE usable load volume
> GREATER durability with a fully reinforced structure, ringed pivot points and tines with a diameter of 30mm
> ENHANCED comfort with no interior strengtheners, increased visibility and protected rams

Technical specifications  

Model Width Weight Usable capacity Overall height
BMS 140 1.40 m 325 kg 810 L 850 mm
BMS 160 1.60 m 367 kg 930 L 850 mm
BMS 180 1.80 m 399 kg 1050 L 850 mm
BMS 200 2.00 m 423 kg 1160 L 850 mm
BMS 225 2.25 m 466 kg 1305 L 850 mm
BMS 245 2.45 m 488 Kg 1420 L 850 mm


> Side cover plate kit
> Works welded wearing counter plate (hardness 400 HB)

And don't forget the MACH 2 - quick and instant hydraulic connection