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MX 4-in-1 BUCKET  

Versatile by its very nature!

This bucket is a genuinely versatile implement, capable of performing all types of jobs: landscaping, loading, snow clearance. With its "box section" jaw, its single front blade and its rear counter blade as standard, this can be used as a grab bucket, a levelling blade or even a bulldozer blade - with no need to handle accessories.

Technical specifications  

Model Width Weight Usable capacity Height
BQU 150 1.53 m 370 kg 420 L 860 mm
BQU 180 1.83 m 415 kg 500 L 860 mm
BQU 210 2.13 m 470 kg 585 L 860 mm

And don't forget the MACH 2 - quick and instant hydraulic connection