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Tracteur avec masses MX
Relevage avant MX R38


Cost effective way to achieve your tractor’s full potential !

To compliment the tractor’s rear linkage, MX Front Linkages offer the ability to also fit front mounted implements. A winning combination that saves time, reduces costs and increases user comfort.

NEW! Now with cast pivot frame:

> Strong, rigid structure with cast pivot frame
> Versatile twin arm working position; standard, or 100mm extra lift height
> Compatible with MX power take off (PTO)

(on 6 Cyl. and large 4 Cyl. versions) 

Technical specifications*

Front linkage category 2
Lifting capacity at the end of the arms 3800 kg
Theoretical arm spacing 825 mm
Coupling balls Cat. 2
 * values given for information only



 Commercial documentation
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