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Our users


Livestock farmers

The T400 and U300 Series loaders and MX front linkages are particularly well-suited to:

> Milk producers

> Livestock farmers






Private and professional Green Space workers

The range of COMPACT loaders and MX R05 and R08 front linkages have been specifically developed for:

> Private individuals

> Landscapers

> Gardeners

> Local authorities

> Self-employed people, etc.





Winemakers and fruit and vegetable growers

The MX FR Fruit narrow loader and the MX R12 front linkage have been designed for use by:

> Vine growers

> Fruit producers

> Vegetable producers







Also counting among MX users:

> large-scale wheat and grain producers >> See MX front linkages

> service providers

> agricultural cooperatives

> agricultural contractors

> local authorities >> See the range of loaders for local authorities






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