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Photo entreprise MX

Our core business


Designing bracket frames for all agricultural tractors available on the market

MX fits over 5000 tractors with both front loaders and linkages. We study 2 new tractors every week, designing a bracket for them, along with a front linkage and a control system. MX loaders, front linkages and controls are therefore compatible with all tractors on the market today - from the oldest to the newest.


Developing control systems for our loaders

Each tractor is studied with a user-friendly control system enabling the best possible use of the loader.

  • Original tractor levers
  • Propilot System - Cable controls - a simple, proven solution
  • Flexpilot System - Low pressure hydraulic control - the most flexible, cost-effective choice
  • Techpilot System - Electro-hydraulic control for automating loader functions


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